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New mix – Aurora Borealis

We have 2 sons, and early next week we’re expecting our first daughter to be born. During the last week I’ve had a few profound moments of being overwhelmed by sudden rushes of emotion as I think about this new member of our family. Things like washing tiny pink clothes, cleaning the house and making space for a tiny bed have brought me to a halt as waves of feeling wash over me. I haven’t experienced anything quite like this before, and as I sat listening to Underworld yesterday I felt it might be appropriate to try and encapsulate some of that emotion into music for you all.

This mix is not dedicated to my daughter. It’s not for her perse, rather, it is something of an attempt to capture the myriad of emotions I’ve been processing this week. That makes it suitable for me… and anyone who’s interested in my emotional (and perhaps my metaphysical) composition.

I’ve titled it Aurora Borealis, and I dug deep into some old records for this one. The track list might include hints to the name of our daughter… or then again it might not. Enjoy.


Pogo – Upular
Mark Webb – You Set Me Free
Reid K – All The Grains Of Sand (Original Mix)
Underworld – Always Loved A Film (Original Mix)
Probspot – Blueberry
Ridgewalkers – Find Feat. El – Andy Moor Mix
Redban – Medina (Original Mix)
Mike Foyle Vs Signalrunners – Love Theme Dusk (Mike`S Broken Record Mix)
Underworld – Bird 1 (Album Version)
Boom Jinx & Daniel Kandi – Azzura (Original Mix)
Art Of Trance – Love Washes Over (Pheric Mix)
Xtigma – True Colours
Super8 & Tab Feat. Anton Sonin – Black Is The New Yellow (Activa Remix)
Oceanlab – On A Good Day
Nitrous Oxide – Aurora

You can download it here for your MP3 player, Spotify, whatever.

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