New mix – Beatitudes Volume 1

I dropped a new mix just before heading out to Toronto and hadn’t got around to uploading it till just now. I’m really happy with this one, I think it’s the direction I want to go as far as trance music is concerned. I’ve spent some time collecting a bunch of really beautiful new tunes, and felt it was time for a mix series. Here’s the first volume of Beatitudes. I love it, I hope you do to.

Listen now, or scroll for the download links…

Download high q MP3 here.
Download low q MP3 here.

[00:00-08:00] Afterbyte – Sunrepublic
[08:00-12:40] Above and Beyond – Air for Love (Airwave remix of Air for Life)
[12:40-18:30] Joonas Hahmo – Sound of Sunday
[18:30-24:10] Above & Beyond – World on Fire (Maor Levi remix)
[24:10-28:50] Alex Kunnari – Lifter (Joonas Hahmo remix)
[28:50-33:30] Maor Levi – Shapes (Oliver Smith remix)
[33:30-35:30] Matt Hardwick – Resistance (Steve Porter remix)
[35:30-39:45] Oliver Smith – Tomahawk
[39:45-46:50] Johan Gielen – Okinawa Sunset (Tom Cloud remix)
[46:50-51:15] Duderstadt – Beatitude (Mat Zo remix)
[51:15-00:00] Tranquility Base – Buzze to get it.

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